design by Julian Sippel / Berlin 


The shared kitchenette invites the co-tenants to spontaneous gatherings, cook-ups or the occasional apéro. 

In his design the artist Julian Sippel experimented with weight distribution and lightness. Clear rules, geometric forms, repetitions are followed by sudden contradictions and intentional disruption. He reduces volume, by stripping down and revealing the underlying construction, emphasizing the supportive static lines, harsh contours, pointed angles and geometric shapes. Built-in and hanging elements contribute to the lightweight impression –  barley anything touches the ground, everything seems to be floating. Its is about finding the right balance and taring the weight carefully. He embraces high quality materials such as brass and granite by placing them in direct contrast to low-cost materials such as press board and raw zinc. 

The entire kitchenette alsmost  functions as a stage for the eyecatcher and meeting-point  of the entire composition: underneath a spotlight a fresh flower stays lit day and night. 


      Equipped with

      – cooking essentials incl. pods & pans / cutlery / plates / glassware / cups / coffeemaker / kettle

      – olive oil / salt & pepper / tea / coffee

      – mini-fridge & freezer