unternehmen mitte 

The mitteRESIDENCE  first opened its doors in summer 2019 as a new branch of the ‚unternehmen mitte‘. Located on the third floor in the shared building, the former „Swiss Volksbank“ right in the heart of Basel. The historically charged building, from 1912, was acquired in 1999 by the 3 founders of the ‚unternehmen mitte‘ with the generous help of the foundation Edith Maryon. The purpose of the former Swiss bank was reconsidered – and ultimately transformed into a coffeehouse and pulsating urban oases. The ‚unternehmen mitte‘ gained international recognition as the headquarter of the first ever referendum concerning the unconditional basic income in Switzerland. Since the establishment 20 years ago, our guests are invited to discover a wide range of in-house offerings and activities. We curate and mediate open space, spread over 4 floors and 4000 square meters.



The mitteRESIDENCE was founded with the intention to offer a central and one-of-a-kind place to stay for temporary guests of the numerous cultural institutions in Basel. 4 rooms and shared facilities create a unique and personal co-living space for artists and cultural producers. We welcome individual guests as well as closed groups.

The mitteRESIDENCE is a place for inspiring encounters and exchange. In collaboration with 4 artists we designed the individual rooms – every contributor followed a distinct concept and a personal approach. The shared kitchenette and bathhouse in the lobby area unite the individual rooms and bring the co-tenants together. In the old annex from the 70s you will find our lavatory with toilets, tumbler, iron, hairdryer, fresh laundry – freely accessible and open for everyone.



The in-house offerings include a coffee / bar and organic, regional and seasonal gastronomy on the ground floor. But you still have a choice – we are located in close proximity to countless restaurants, bars and supermarkets. Besides that, unique venues with technical equipment and catering are available for workshops, buisness-meetings or presentations. Simply get in touch!